May 1, 2000 - Atlanta, Georgia - Apyron Technologies, Inc. has been granted three U.S. and six international patents for developing innovative methods of joining materials together that not only surpasses previous methods in performance, but also allows formulation of entirely new compositions of matter. With an unlimited number of applications, this invention establishes a technology platform that will generate new and improved products and processes in all areas of life, including health and life sciences, manufacturing, industrial processing, and environmental protection. One of the most exciting areas of application for the technology today is within the water purification industry, where Apyron has created an adsorption media named Aqua-Bind® that offers selective contaminant removal and up to 75% greater adsorptive capacity than commercially available products. With an additional five related patents pending in the U.S. and 35 internationally, Apyron continues to secure its position as a premier technology development company, providing next generation solutions for today's challenging industrial, consumer, and environmental problems.

"The technology protected by these patents is significant for two reasons," states Dr. Frank Daly, Apyron's Vice President for R&D, "While the applications for the technology offer tremendous operational efficiencies and cost-savings opportunities for industry and the consumer, it also revolutionizes the way in which new materials will be engineered in the future, changing forever the material sciences discipline. The essence of the technology is the ability to systematically manipulate the surface properties of the materials. This systematic manipulation can create a synergistic effect between the original materials, resulting in a product with cutting-edge capabilities. With respect to the water purification industry, this technology development prompted Apyron to create a highly selective adsorption product that can be customized to remove only the designated contaminants, which is a very unconventional approach," continues Dr. Daly. "Traditional water purification methods operate by removing the contaminant of choice, taking with it many related materials, regardless of necessity. Without selectivity, problems such as hazardous waste by-products, low service life, and high maintenance costs are created. Our product solves these problems in a very cost-effective manner."

In addition to selective contaminant removal, the product's advantages in the water purification industry include:
  • Up to 75% increase in adsorptive capacity - lowering the operating costs for system implementation and maintenance
  • Faster kinetics - reducing the required contact time and improving operational efficiency
  • Non-leachability - allowing non-hazardous disposal of spent media
  • Resistance to microbial growth and oxidation

With these immediate benefits, the market possibilities for the technology in water purification are incredible, including home water filtration systems, water treatment utilities, spa and pool purification food and beverage water filtration, commercial and municipal water treatment, and environmental remediation.

Additional applications being researched by Apyron outside of the water industry include the medical and pharmaceutical industries, chemical and petroleum manufacturing, micro-electronics, and paint and coatings, as well as, air purification, which Apyron has selected as a key area of implementation. In this pursuit, Apyron has joined forces with the Southwest Research Institute to develop a catalyst for reducing mobile source air pollutants generated from diesel-powered vehicles.

About Apyron
Apyron Technologies, Inc. is a leading developer of next generation engineered materials, focused on improving the quality of life. Apyron's current commercialization efforts are focused on providing advanced adsorbents, catalysts, catalyst supports and antimicrobials for a broad variety of water and air treatment applications worldwide. Apyron is located at 4030-F Pleasantdale Road, Atlanta, Georgia, 30340.

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