March 2, 2000, Atlanta, Georgia - Apyron Technologies of Atlanta, Georgia, recently hosted a delegation of public health officials from India. The trip was part of a two-week tour in the United States sponsored by the US-Asia Environmental Partnership Program (US-AEP) to visit with experts in the remediation of arsenic in groundwater. Apryon was selected as the Atlanta host as a result of its demonstrated success in arsenic removal throughout India. As part of the Atlanta visit, the group met with the Chairman of the Georgia State Department of Industry and Trade, Mr. R.K. Sehgal, and visited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Carter Center.

"The high concentrations of arsenic in drinking water is an international problem, especially in India and Bangladesh where naturally occurring arsenic contamination has evolved into a major health crisis effecting over 100 million people." states Apyron's CEO, Rom Papadopoulos. "The crisis has drawn the attention of national and local governments, the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, multilateral lending institutions, as well as agencies such as the USEPA, USGS and their international counterparts." One example is in the rural communities throughout India and Bangladesh that obtain their drinking water from small tube wells. Over three million of these tube wells are believed to contain arsenic exceeding levels considered safe by WHO. In Bangladesh, over 80% of the districts are affected and some experts call it "The largest mass poisoning in history."

Apyron Technologies has spent the last five years developing solutions for removing arsenic and other toxic contaminants from air and water. The company has received international attention for its technology for removing arsenic from water. Apyron's patented adsorptive media, Aqua-Bind™ Arsenic, selectively removes the two most common aqueous forms of arsenic. Papadopoulos, continues, "Apyron has been field testing arsenic removal solutions in India and Bangladesh over the past eighteen months in conjunction with RPM Marketing PVT. LTD. Our technology is extremely effective in reducing arsenic levels well below WHO's safe drinking water standard. In addition, the solution is very simple and relatively inexpensive to implement in rural areas. We are very honored to have gained the attention of such a respected delegation."

Apyron's Solution
Apyron has developed a technology that can remove arsenic - from the low levels generally found in most areas in the US to the extremely high concentrations typically found in India and Bangladesh. Apyron's patented technology utilizes a novel chemical process with customized adsorption properties for the particular contaminant(s) of interest. Known by the name Aqua-Bind™, Apyron's technology is applicable to other heavy metal contaminants such as lead, iron, manganese, fluoride, uranium and many others.

About Arsenic
Arsenic is a natural metal element found in the earth's crust, usually in ancient rock formations. Arsenic enters the groundwater through erosion or from man-made sources, such as petroleum production, semiconductor manufacturing and agricultural use as feed additives and herbicides. Since arsenic is tasteless and odorless, special water tests are necessary to detect its presence. Long-term, high level arsenic exposure may cause symptoms including thickening and discoloration of the skin; stomach pain; nausea; vomiting; diarrhea; internal organ damage; and neurological disorders that precipitate tingling and numbness in the extremities, hearing impairment, and developmental effects.

About the Environmental Exchange Program
The US-Asia Environmental Partnership (US-AEP) is managed by the US Agency for International Development and was established to assist Asian and Pacific island countries in their efforts to restore, preserve and protect their environmental systems. The purpose of the US-AEP is to provide opportunities for individuals in Asian governments, businesses and non-government organizations to obtain information, experience and training needed to assess environmental problems, to undertake steps to prevent pollution and to introduce environmental improvements. For more information, please visit www.usaep.org.

About Apyron
Apyron Technologies, Inc. is a leading developer of advanced adsorbents, catalysts, catalyst supports and antimicrobials for a broad variety of water and air treatment applications worldwide. Apyron is located at 4030-F Pleasantdale Road, Atlanta, Georgia, 30340.

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