Company Uses Apyron Technologies' Microbial Protection for Pharmacy Dispensing Application

SAN DIEGO, CA - December 17, 2001 - Fresh Water Systems, a leading provider of water purification and filtration solutions for pharmacies, as well as residential and commercial water treatment systems, today announced the availability of the EzScript™ dispensing system. The system's success is based on the BioScript™ cartridge - a filtration device designed to enhance the removal of contaminants and bacteria found in treated water, which is used in the reconstitution of drugs throughout the pharmacy industry.

"Fresh Water Systems recognizes the importance of providing pharmacies nationwide with an advanced filtration system that will improve the purity of medications," says Steve Norvell, chief executive officer of Fresh Water Systems. "We designed the EzScript™ dispensing system in partnership with Apyron to provide our customers with an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution." The EzScript™ dispensing system incorporates a proprietary, high-performance media developed by Apyron Technologies, a material science company based in Atlanta.

Fresh Water Systems' pharmacy clients asked the company to provide a value-added product that would eliminate growing concern in the medical community over the potential health effects associated with high concentrations of nonpathogenic bacteria. Certain groups, such as immuno-suppressed populations, are particularly at risk.

By utilizing the new EzScript™ dispensing system when filling prescriptions that require water, pharmacies can now meet the USP 24 standard for purified water used in reconstitution of oral prescriptions. The system is user friendly, requiring no professional installation or complex controls for use and very little contact time is required for successful filtration. The EzScript™ system is used in conjunction with Fresh Water Systems' PharMate™ dispenser, which is used in Walgreen's, Eckerd and Albertson pharmacies nationwide.

"We are pleased to join forces with Fresh Water Systems and provide our technology expertise," says Rom Papadopoulos, chief executive officer of Apyron Technologies. "The BioScript™ cartridge and EzScript™ dispensing system are advancements in water purification that will assist pharmacies nationwide."

About Fresh Water Systems
Fresh Water Systems, a privately held company based in San Diego, has been in the water purification business for over a decade. Nationally their client list includes the largest chain drugstores and pharmacies in the country. The company's PharMate™ dispensers are in thousands of pharmacies nationwide. The company is currently expanding distribution in Canada and Latin America. For more information, visit

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