ATLANTA, GA - October 29, 1999 - Project Earth Industries, Inc., announced today that its name has changed to Apyron Technologies, Inc.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Apyron (a' pûr ôn) Technologies was founded in 1994 as a leading-edge developer of specialty adsorbents, catalysts, catalyst supports and antimicrobials for air and water treatment applications. Apyron holds three patents for its breakthrough technology and currently has multiple other U.S. and foreign patents pending. Since its founding, the Company has gained considerable worldwide attention for its low cost, simple separation technologies for drinking water, industrial processes, air purification, and environmental remediation applications.

Apyron is deploying commercial products for removing a variety of contaminants in drinking water and industrial process wastewater including arsenic, lead, fluoride, copper and other heavy metals. The company is investing heavily in developing antimicrobial solutions for controlling microorganisms including bacteria, viruses and other pathogens encountered in water and air applications. In addition, Apyron is developing solutions for low temperature removal of nitrogen and sulfur compounds, which form NOx, SOx and carbon monoxide from fixed and mobile air emission sources such as automobile diesel engines, power utilities and industrial process streams.

"The name, Apyron, is a Greek term meaning infinite or endless," states Greg Gilles, Apyron's vice president for Applied Technology. "The Company's new name reflects our capability as a solutions provider to meet an extensive range of needs across multiple markets worldwide." As part of Apyron's continued growth, Rich Cavagnaro has joined the organization as vice president for Sales and Marketing. Gilles continues, “Rich was formerly Global Director of Sales for LaRoche Industries, now named UOP, and he brings a depth of experience to our organization."

Apyron has also recently relocated its headquarters in Atlanta to a 32,000 square foot facility, expanding its research and development capabilities and materials production and processing areas.

About Apyron
Apyron Technologies, Inc. develops leading-edge adsorbents, catalysts, catalyst supports and antimicrobials for a broad variety of water and air treatment applications worldwide. Apyron is located at 4030-F Pleasantdale Road, Atlanta, Georgia, 30340.

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