May 26, 2000 - Atlanta, Georgia - The latest outbreak of deadly E.coli bacteria in Ontario Canada has killed five people this week with over 700 suffering serious symptoms. Additional fatalities are expected. This life threatening bacteria and other harmful water contaminants can easily be minimized with the use of an innovative yet simple water purification product developed by Apyron Technologies, Inc.

"Because chlorine cannot be counted on to kill all water-borne germs, Apyron's technology is needed to fill the gap and help prevent this useless loss of life," states Rom Papadopoulos, Apyron's CEO and Chairman. In response to an outcry from consumers for a solution, Apyron developed an antimicrobial product designed to address this growing problem and help reduce the threat of E.coli and other bacteria related deaths. Apyron's new MB2000 series of products is being developed for a variety of uses and markets including home water filters, camping and outdoor purifiers, disaster relief, pour-through carafes, pools and spas, and many others.

Compared to conventional antimicrobial systems, Apyron's MB2000 products have overwhelming advantages. Unlike traditional ultraviolet technology conventionally used to reduce bacteria, the MB2000' products are simple to use, do not require electricity, lamp replacement, or consistent maintenance. Further, the Apyron MB2000 products are less susceptible to fouling, do not utilize chemical additives, and do not impart foreign tastes or odors into the water.

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In addition to preventing disease from bacteria, Apyron's technology can also minimize illness caused from consumption of arsenic contaminated water, which is currently under review by the U.S. EPA. For this purpose, Apyron has developed a series of Arsenic removal products, Aqua-Bind' Arsenic XP, HP, EP, & AL. The product line was designed to provide utilities and homeowners with a range of cost-effective arsenic removal options. With proposed EPA regulations expected to reduce the acceptable level of arsenic in drinking water by 90% and with water quality fluctuating across sites, a technology that can address a wide variety of needs is crucial. Because each of Apyron's new products can be customized, it can meet the cost and performance demands of an unlimited number of applications.

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Apyron Technologies, Inc. is a leading developer of next generation engineered materials, focused on improving the quality of life. Apyron's current commercialization efforts are focused on providing advanced adsorbents, catalysts, catalyst supports and antimicrobials for a broad variety of water and air treatment applications worldwide. Apyron is located at 4030-F Pleasantdale Road, Atlanta, Georgia, 30340.

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