Using Aqua-Bind® MP


Up to 30% of all residential Reverse Osmosis systems are sold to private well-owners, where Arsenic (III) is most prevalent:

Alhough efficient in removing many contaminants, RO does not effectively remove Arsenic (III) from drinking water.  In addition, RO’s ability to remove Arsenic (V) decreases as the membrane ages.


Apyron offers two unique cartridges designed to address this issue:

Model MP-2010-IL and Model MP-2508-IL:

Apyron's in-line cartridges with quick-connect John Guest fittings designed for use between the RO membrane and the hydropneumatic storage tank. Connections enable easy installation for new and existing RO systems.


Our post-RO arsenic reduction cartridges enable complete Arsenic (III) treatment, working seamlessly with residential Reverse Osmosis systems already in place to remove up to 99% of total arsenic. In addition to the added protection, it eliminates the need for costly pre-chlorination which can add several hundred dollars to the system cost.


The company’s award-winning Aqua-Bind MP media is the key ingredient at work, permanently adsorbing the arsenic and preventing its release back into the environment. The media is designed to remove a wide range of arsenic concentrations.  It also improves taste and odor.



Model MP-2010-IL

Model MP-2508-IL

Media Type

Proprietary Metal Oxide Composite

Proprietary Metal Oxide Composite

Arsenic (III) & (V)

Up to 99%

Up to 99%

Cartridge Shell

Polypropylene (FDA grade)

Polyethylene (FDA grade)


Quick-connect in-line cartridge unit with 1/4 fittings

Quick-connect in-line cartridge unit with 1/4 fittings

Micron Rating

Nominal 1-micron

Nominal 1-micron

Outer Diameter

2 inches

2.5 inches


10 inches

8 inches

Flow rate

< 0.05 gpm

<0.05 gpm

Pressure Drop

< 3 psi @ 0.05 gpm

< 2 psi @ 0.05 gpm

Maximum Temp.



Cartridge Life - removes 50ppb arsenic III for:

600 gallons without monitor*

1400 gallons without monitor*

* Tested with 50ppm salt solution and 50 ppb Arsenic (III).

After installation, discard the first tank of RO water before use.


  • Up to 99% reduction of arsenic (III) and (V)
  • High capacity for long life
  • Convenient annual cartridge replacement
  • Low pressure drop
  • Does not leach harmful chemicals into product water
  • Cost effective solution

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