Aqua-Bind® MP
Product Data Sheet

Arsenic Removal Media

Aqua-Bind® MP is a new adsorption media custom designed for the removal of arsenic (III) and (V) from water and wastewater. Apyron's patented composite technology has been designed for use in Point-of-Entry (POE) and Point-of-Use (POU) applications. The product is also ideal for whole-household treatment where iron co-exists with arsenic. Multiple contaminants can be removed simultaneously with the unique catalyst-based technology that promotes co-precipitation and removal. Aqua-Bind MP has a low bulk density, requiring little energy for efficient backwashing. It requires no chemical regeneration, has a long bed life, and operates over a wide temperature range. The product is a great companion to conventional water softeners and can be utilized or retrofitted into conventional water treatment tanks or vessels. Spent media can typically be discarded as non-hazardous solid waste. This material has been certified under NSF 61 for use in drinking water applications.

Matrix Metal oxide composite
Physical Form Granular particles, dry, flowable
Particle Size Distribution 300 - 600 microns typical (other ranges available)
  Mesh (ASTM) 10x30, 30x50 (other sizes available)
Apparent Bulk Density 38 - 40 lbs / ft3
Moisture Content < 5%
BET Surface Area 170 - 180 m2 / gram

Recommended pH Range 5.5 - 8.5
Bed Depth (Min) 36 Inches
Empty Bed Contact Time 2 - 5 minutes typical for POE use
Service Flow Rates 5 - 7 gpm / ft2
Backwash Bed Expansion 30 - 40%
Backwash Rate 4 - 5 gpm / ft2
Backwash Frequency Based on influent solids concentration
Underbedding / Support 1/8-inch gravel and garnet typical
Maximum Media Operating Temperature Up to 600°F
Pressure Drop @ 15°C 0.5 - 1 psi / ft bed


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